Student Voices


It is an attractive program because we had opportunities to engage in discussion with business leaders who are active in Hong Kong. I was able to establish connections with Japanese companies before I graduated from university.

Cheung King Ho 張 景豪
HKU 香港大学
Faculty of Arts, Japanese Studies 文学部現代言語及文化学院日本研究学科
Consulate-General 総領事館
2017 Cohort 2017年参加


This was the most conscientiously designed summer program I could have hoped for – the sheer calibre of guests, participants and organizers alike, fortified by the profound interactions through the two-week program, facilitated my learning about the various facets of the Japan-Hong Kong discourse.

Dionne Ng ン・ディオン
UTokyo 東京大学
International Program on Japan in East Asia, Faculty of Arts and Sciences 教養学部教養学科国際日本研究コース
Healthcare Consulting ヘルスケアコンサルティング
2016 Cohort 2016年参加


海外における日本企業の進出、香港の社会現象/問題等について現場の人の声を通して学びました 。今も両大学の先生、友人とは付き合いがあり、とても貴重な経験でした。
I learned about Japanese business abroad and social issues in Hong Kong by meeting many people who are active in their fields. We still keep in touch with teachers and members of the program from both universities. It was a very valuable experience.

Nana Makizumi 牧角 菜乃
UTokyo 東京大学
Department of Urban Engineering 工学部都市工学科環境コース
Consulting コンサルティング
2014 Cohort 2014年参加


This was most inspiring program I had ever joined in my university career. It was absolutely challenging but fun, and you will get to meet interesting students from UTokyo. Do not hesitate to apply if you are interested in Japan, or enjoy interacting with people who have the most unique and innovative perspectives.

Wong Ki Sing 黃 淇聲
HKU 香港大学
Faculty of Arts, Japanese Studies 文学部 現代言語及文化学院日本研究学科
Aviation 航空
2014 Cohort 2014年参加
2017 TA 2017年TA


This is an excellent program. You can gain valuable experiences, such as hearing insightful stories from leaders of Japanese companies in Hong Kong, and having in-depth discussion with students from HKU, who can speak Japanese fluently.

Shuichiro Hara 原 脩一郎
UTokyo 東京大学
Medicine 医学部医学科

Student 学生
2017 Cohort 2017年参加


I was able to interact with leaders from the Japanese government, business, and business federations that you don’t get to meet on a daily basis. I was also able to broaden my horizons by meeting students from various disciplines.

Wendy Luk 陸 雯馨
HKU 香港大学
Faculty of Arts, Japanese Studies and Psychology 文学部日本研究、心理学
Financial Services 金融機関
2013 Cohort and TA 2013年参加・TA


This is a program packed with diverse experiences and plenty of VIP guests to meet, where you can learn about Hong Kong’s economy, society, and history from multiple perspectives.

Ikutei Sai (Yuting Cai) 蔡 毓婷
UTokyo 東京大学
College of Arts and Science 教養学部
Undergraduate Student 学生
2018 Cohort  2018年参加


It was the best summer programme for me! There were exciting once-in-a-lifetime experiences every day, and under the guidance of the professors, we learnt how Japanese businesses run in Hong Kong. I would recommend this programme to everyone who enjoys learning outside the classroom!

Candace Li 李 卓榆
HKU 香港大
Faculty of Arts, Japanese Studies 文学部現代言語及文化学院日本研究学科
Undergraduate Student 学生
2018 Cohort 2018年参加


People of various disciplines and nationalities join this program. I was able to understand how Japanese companies develop their businesses and localize their practices in Hong Kong by  directly speaking to their staff members.

Kao Tze-keng 高 梓根
HKU 香港大学
Economics and Finance  経営・経済学部 経済・金融専攻
Technology Company IT企業
2016 Cohort 2016年参加


If you want unforgettable memories abroad, then consider applying to this program. This is a great opportunity to mingle with HKU and UTokyo students.

Mak Onitsuka 鬼塚 正彰
UTokyo 東京大学
Business Management 経済学部経営学科
Trading Company 総合商社
2013 Cohort  2013年参加


As a Hong Kong born and bred native, I know how much people in Hong Kong love Japan. The deep level of access this programme provides with major Japanese business and diplomatic institutions in Hong Kong, and the connections you can make with the UTokyo students, was incredibly unique.

Kenneth Lee 李 浩倫
HKU 香港大学
Faculty of Law, Juris Doctor 法学部法科大学院

Graduate Student 大学院生
2018 Cohort and TA 2018年参加・TA


I gained a once-in-a-life-time experience thorough the program in Hong Kong, a vibrant international financial center. In addition, I treasured opportunities to collaborate with participants who come from various academic disciplines.

Katsuki Imai
UTokyo 東京大学
Graduate School of Engineering
Manufacturing Industry 製造業
2013 Cohort 2013年参加