About the Program


The HKU-UTokyo Joint Summer Program is an experiential learning programme in which HKU students will work on a group project with visiting students from Japan to study issues related to the Japan-Hong Kong relations.

The first part of the programme includes seminars and talks given by professors and business leaders, as well as field trips to stores, factories and business federations.

The second part of the programme requires students to work on research presentations on topics that are related to Japanese products and services in Hong Kong. A student group composed of members from HKU and UTokyo will create a research agenda, conduct interviews with industry figures, and analyze issues from multicultural perspectives.

Guest speakers

Students have the unique opportunity to hear from leading commercial and academic thought-leaders from local and Japanese business communities in Hong Kong in seminars exclusive to the program.

Past guest speakers have included:

  • The Honorable John Tsang (曾俊華), Former Financial Secretary, Hong Kong SAR Government
  • Ambassador Kuninori Matsuda (松田邦紀), Consul General of Japan Business Leaders
  • Dr. David Mong (蒙徳揚), Chairman, Shun Hing Group
  • Mr. Tsutomu Nakajima (中島努), Executive Director and CEO, Nippon Wealth Limited
  • Mr. Masaaki Ogino (荻野正明), Chairman, Fenix Group
  • Ms. Yoshie Shigemitsu (重光悦枝), Vice President, Ajisen Ramen
  • Mr. Castor Hui, Senior Manager, Global Business Strategy & Transformation, Nissan Infiniti Academics
  • Professor Lui Tai-lok (呂大樂), Education University of Hong Kong
  • Professor Shigeto Sonoda (園田茂人), UTokyo
  • Dr. Brian Fong Chi Hang (方志恒), Education University of Hong Kong
  • Dr. Yoshiko Nakano (中野嘉子), HKU

Site visits

As part of the program, students make multiple site visits to see Japan-Hong Kong relations in action.

Past locations of site visits include:

  • Ajisen Ramen
  • city’super
  • Japan Airlines
  • Hong Kong Air Cargo Terminals
Business Federations
  • Hong Kong Japanese Chamber of Commerce and Industry (香港日本人商工会議所)
  • Hong Kong Trade Development Council (香港貿易発展局)

Research presentation

The capstone of the HKU-UTokyo Joint Summer Program is a research presentation where HKU and UTokyo students work on group presentations on topics that are related to Japanese products and services in Hong Kong. Students collect data and conduct interviews through fieldwork and present their findings to business leaders, members of the media, and alumni of the program.

Past research topics have included:

  • Branding Japanese products for the Hong Kong market
  • Perceptions of Yoshinoya in Japan and Hong Kong
  • Ichiran in Hong Kong: Hong Kong people’s pursuit for authentic ramen
  • Hong Kong-Japan Trade Relations and Sino-Japanese Tensions
  • Marketing Japanese Authenticity: Hana-Musubi as Case Study
  • Challenges in Human Resource Management for Japanese companies in Hong Kong
  • “Hokkaido” as Marketing Tool in Hong Kong